With expertise dating back to 2006, Topline Power System's electricians have installed over 100 residential solar power systems, solar farm test systems, ground mounts, trackers, solar awning systems, and several large commercial ballasted and raised rooftop solar power systems.

Along with our extensive layout and design experience, we have worked with multiple inverter and solar panel brands over the years and have also installed numerous net metering and solar power monitoring systems.



With the use of Net Metering you can watch your hydro meter run backward  

Not only can you drastically reduce your power bills, but your solar panels can actually produce a credit for the power your home will be using in the future. 


How Net Metering Saves You Money 

With the solar prices in Ontario it makes sense to produce electricity for your own use. The electricity produced by your home that you don’t need gets pushed back into the grid to be credited to your hydro account. 

Ontario’s Net Metering legislation allows you to send electricity generated from renewable sources to the electrical grid for a credit toward your energy costs.

Topline Power Systems can take care of all that you need to hook you up at a very competitive price. We are the pros.

Learn more about how Net Metering can drastically reduce your energy costs.

For more information on using solar net metering to offset your hydro bill, contact us today.


Delivering Power Where You Need It

Whether you're too far from the grid or have had enough with Hydro, we can supply a pre-built or site-specific off-grid solar power system that will suit your needs.

Benefits Of Going Off-Grid Solar

  • Reliable solar power for locations too far from the power grid
  • Independence from Hydro utility providers
  • Solar panels are Ideal for cottage country
  • Power large remote devices for days at a time with off grid solar power