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How Solar Thermal Power Systems Work

Solar thermal energy is used to heat water within your home, be it for in floor heating or washing. Hot water can use up to 25% of the electricity in your home, creating a market for solar thermal covering part of the bill. 

These heat exchangers are mounted to your roof or any other exposed surface and have some semblance to a skylight in appearance. A covered box acts as a greenhouse, heating the fluid inside which is then transferred to the desired medium. Due to risks of freezing, we use only non-toxic antifreeze in all of our solar thermal heaters and the patented technology of our exchangers results in reduced maintenance and increased performance.

Topline Power Systems is a trained installer of Enerworks solar thermal products in Ontario.

With our expertise, we can design and install a system to heat your home, pool, or hot water system. Typically used in tandem with a hot water heater, the solar heating system can pre-heat the water, resulting in a more energy-efficient system. 

Enerworks HeatSafe Solar Collectors are used with food-grade heat transfer fluid, and come with exclusive overheating and fouling prevention technology providing optimal performance.

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