Since 2006, Topline Power Systems has been installing quality alternative energy systems to homes and businesses across Southwestern and Central Ontario.

Whatever your need, be it net metering, off-grid solutions, solar, hydro, or battery power, Topline Power Systems is your source of clean, reliable, and cost effective electricity.

We use the highest quality products from the industry's most reputable names. You want a quality product and we intend to meet your demands.

Electric Car Charging 

  • Solar Farm Test Systems
  • Ground Mounts
  • Trackers
  • Solar Awning Systems
  • Commercial¬†
  • Ballasted & Rooftop Solar
  • Maintenance
  • Micro Hydro
  • Solar Thermal

We install and maintain all of our systems in house, offering you consistent service from staff that you can trust.

If you want a quality product with a company who stands behind their work, contact us to find out more.